by Larry Seyer

May 15, 2015

This patch (and the included config file for SoftStep) will allow for Keith McMillen’s SoftStep to control any MAX application that requires this many unique buttons (a total of 80).

There are 10 buttons on the SoftStep with each button has the capability to send 2 controller messages. The SoftStep config file (included) will setup your SoftStep so that it will send out the following data for each button:

DOWN = cc# 21 0
UP = cc# 21 127
LEFT = cc# 22 0
RIGHT = cc#22 127

Value ’64’ is considered OFF for each button and the SoftStep config file sets this up for you.

Buttons are configured so that they send out on channels 1-10. (channel 1 being button 1, channel 2 being button 2 etc.)

This MAX program will then interpret the data sent out by the properly configured SoftStep and provide 40 button triggers and 40 long press triggers. This will provide a total of 80 possible triggers from a TINY footprint that runs on a single USB cable.