by Software Integration Team

November 26, 2013

QuNexus employs the use of a useful feature called Channel Rotation. This feature is enabled on QuNexus Factory Preset C. What is Channel Rotation? Channel Rotation causes the order of keys pressed at one time to rotate through channels. For example, the first pressed key’s MIDI data goes out Channel 1, the second pressed key’s data goes out Channel 2, the third pressed key’s data goes out Channel 3, etc. Release those keys and you will start over on Channel 1 next time you press a key. Why is Channel Rotation Useful? Channel Rotation is useful for getting a different pitch bend, channel pressure, or poly aftertouch for each note as opposed to one for all notes.

How do I use Channel Rotation effectively in Ableton Live? In order to set Channel Rotation up in Ableton Live, set up multiple instances of a synth on separate tracks, each instance reading MIDI from a separate Channel. It is necessary to select QuNexus Factory Preset C, which has Channel Rotation enabled. To select the preset, hit the Shift/Preset button on QuNexus and then hit the Pres C button. We have created two different Ableton Live sets to get you started. These can be opened in Live 8 and Live 9. One set (“QuNexus_Ch_Rotate_Demo Project”) is very simple and just uses Live’s “Keys-Dirty Organ” synth. The other set (“QuNexus_Ch_Rotate_wPgmCh_Demo Project”) uses a free third party vst synth (Combo Model V by Martinic). The second one can receive program change messages from the QuNexus to change the sound of the synth. The following pages offer more information about each Live set.