by Sarah Howe & Alex Molina

July 3, 2014

This project contains the installation files for an Ableton Live 9 Remote Control Surface script and a custom QuNeo preset. The script is a simplified variation of the original QuNeo Ableton Live Control script. The main differences are that there is no sequencer mode, and the QuNeo pads can be in drum mode instead of grid mode to control a 4×4 red box in Live.

To use the script you must have Ableton Live 9 installed on your computer.

The numbered list below corresponds with the numbers in the image:

  1. Scene Launch
  2. Stop all clips
  3. Mute selected track
  4. Solo selected track
  5. Select tracks
  6. Move red box left and right
  7. Move red box up and down
  8. Select scenes