by Carson Whitley

August 26, 2013

The Quneo Max/MSP Dev Kit is a set of abstractions that help get you going with the QuNeo’s raw sensor data. It shows you how to put your QuNeo into “tethered mode” (makes the QuNeo spit out raw sensor data) and makes it much faster to get the data you want, without having to parse out a sea of MIDI messages.

What you do with the raw data is up to you. If you want to make a pad output X and Y location then you get to come up with the programming for it! Latching? Toggles? Note on/off? Banks? You! There is no included documentation pdf. Instead, the QuNeo_DEV_KIT patch serves as documentation on its own, providing setup examples and descriptions of everything.

In its current state it will work best with Max 6 — there are some route (and maybe some routepass) objects using the newer functionality where you can dynamically change what values are being routed. To compensate for this there are two replacement abstractions that will work in Max 5 and allow you to have a dynamically settable value.

The download link will take you to the Github project page where you can find the most recent version.