by Flux:FX

May 1, 2015

This preset is created for SoftStep’s “standalone” mode, so it does not require a computer connection.

Each FLUX:FX bank has 6 Performance presets for recall. A Performance includes all effect and sequencer settings, as well as XY assignments and modulation routings. These are recalled in our SoftStep preset by keys 1-3 (Performances 1-3), and just above that, keys 6-8 (Performances 4-6).

Key 4 toggles the FLUX:FX sequencer on and off, allowing you to play back pre-recorded XY movements to control the effects. The sequencer can play back these moves exactly the way they were recorded, or using the randomize slider on the Sequencer page, can ensure that the pattern never plays the same way twice.

Key 5 controls the Tap Tempo feature. Tap this key 5 times and you will set the main tempo of FLUX:FX, which the sequencer and any BPM-synced effect parameters will follow. If the app is locked to an external MIDI clock signal, this key will not do anything. You can enable/disable Sync to MIDI Clock via the MIDI Setting tab in FLUX:FX preferences.

Key 9 toggles the global wet/dry mix of FLUX:FX. Think of this as an on/off switch for the entire effect–0% or 100%. Some users may want to assign this to the Softstep expression pedal jack, to continuously control the wet/dry blend. In that case, use CC # 4 for global wet/dry. Other uses for the expression pedal might be for controlling input volume (CC# 3) or output volume (CC#7).

Key 0 controls the main XY pad in FLUX:FX. This will do the same thing as touching the XY pad with your finger, as you can rock your foot left/right (x-axis) and up/down (y-axis). Make sure that the wet/dry mix is at 100% (key 9), or you won’t hear anything! Of course, there are a number of different ways to assign the main XY to control effects in FLUX:FX. There are some presets where it does nothing at all, and others where none of the effects with come on until your press the XY. This can all be changed easily by the user–just check out the first 3 tutorial banks in the FLUX:FX to learn how.

The SoftStep Nav pad does nothing in FLUX:FX. It will still change presets on the SoftStep.