QuNeo Step Sequencer

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QuNeo Step Sequencer utilizes a suite of Max for Live devices to modify the behavior of QuNeo’s Factory Preset number 5. Step Sequencer provides a layout that allows a user to record into, edit, and play back from a grid style sequence. The step sequencer also included a note repeat mode, which enables repetitions of… Read more »

QuNeome Bridge

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QuNeome is a QuNeo-to-monome bridge application that will allow your QuNeo controller to interact with patches/apps developed for the monome grid controller — similar in nature to the MonomeSerial application for monome. Inlcuded in the package is a full standalone app (Mac and Windows) and an editable Max/MSP patch (Max 6 only). Please note that,… Read more »

QuNeo Max/MSP Dev Kit

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The Quneo Max/MSP Dev Kit is a set of abstractions that help get you going with the QuNeo’s raw sensor data. It shows you how to put your QuNeo into “tethered mode” (makes the QuNeo spit out raw sensor data) and makes it much faster to get the data you want, without having to parse… Read more »


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QuNeo XYFX utilizes two Max for Live devices to control a suite of sixteen effects with QuNeo’s factory Preset Number 1. XYFX takes advantage of the X and Y axis control change outputs from QuNeo’s pads to manipulate two discrete parameters of each effect. The effects signals run in series, and can be used individually… Read more »

QuNexus Monomachine Control

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This is a group of QuNexus presets which allows you to use polyphonic pressure and tilt to modulate Elektron Monomachine parameters normally controlled by the joystick on the discontinued Monomachine SFX-6 (the limited run of Monomachines made with an attached keyboard). QuNexus will let you control these joystick parameters without taking your fingers off the… Read more »