K-Board-C | Colorful Options

Colorful Options

K-Board-C comes in 5 exciting colors: Galaxy, Snow, Orchid, Lime and Aqua. These new enclosures built from durable ABS Polycarbonate are built to last and fun to play. Express yourself!

K-Board-C | Play MPE Synths K-Board-C | Play Play MPE Synths

Play MPE Synths

K-Board-C is the simplest, most affordable way to start playing with the multidimensional sounds of MPE synths. Connect K-Board-C to a synth with MPE enabled and instantly the dimensions of velocity, tilt and pressure of each key bring the synth to life. Express yourself!

K-Board-C | USB-C Connection

USB-C Connection

Modernizing the K-Board connection jack to USB-C adds a new level of robustness to the K-Board-C design, and we look forward to connecting with more and more devices as the new standard grows.

K-Board-C is a simple yet expressive, durable, portable USB MPE MIDI keyboard designed for music producers and performers to use anywhere. K-Board-C works with all of your music software, connecting to your computer or mobile device via USB-C. K-Board-C is MPE compatible with 25 touch sensitive keys to detect velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, and per-key tilt, giving you total control of musical expression. The new K-Board-C enclosure features a durable ABS polycarbonate finish that comes in 5 fun colors: Snow, Galaxy, Orchid, Lime and Aqua. Powerful and portable, the K-Board-C is designed for everyone making music!

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We wanted to make an expressive fun keyboard that would delight beginners and experts alike. K-Board-C is durable, easy to play and works with everything. I think the KMI team has hit it out of the park with K-Board-C.

Keith McMillen

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