BERKELEY, CA – October 30, 2012 – Just in time for the holiday gift-buying season, Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) today formally announced the release of QuNeo (KYOO-nee-oh), a new, visually stunning iPad-sized multi-touch DJ controller that replaces three pieces of popular DJ gear and boasts a street price of just $199.

DJ controllers provide computer or iPad based control over DJing or electronic music making software, replacing the traditional, expensive mixer/turntable/CD turntable set up.

Hip, slim and affordable, QuNeo opens up the marketplace to gear, gadget and cool device fans, especially those who are also music lovers. It’s also a no-brainer stocking stuffer for DJs, the young DJ-curious population and technophiles.

A soft-launch during the summer earned QuNeo early critical acclaim among music and technology insiders.

QuNeo is a little Show Off
Held like an iPad, QuNeo brings a new level of digital swagger and showmanship to the party. Its elegant touchpad interface, supported by eye-catching LED backlighting, creates a truly hypnotic wow factor.

“Times have changed. Parents and grandparents may recall wishing for an electric guitar as a holiday gift. Kids today are hoping for a DJ controller,” said Keith McMillen, CEO of KMI. “With the DJ revolution upon us, we’re thrilled that QuNeo is available in time for the holidays.”

Unlike other products, QuNeo fits neatly into iPad cases, along with other accessories designed for the iPad. Lighter than an iPad, QuNeo weighs in at 14 ounces.

How it Works
QuNeo emulates three pieces of music gear: drum pads, DJ decks and clip launchers. A computer or an iPad, free music software, and a QuNeo are all that’s needed to create an immersive DJ or electronic music experience.

The innovative design is like a tiny, space-aged keypad, where multi-touch pads in various shapes, replace keys, sliders and knobs, while multi-color neon LED backlighting provides engaging visual feedback.

Even though QuNeo is plug and play, some quality time learning the device, along with a working knowledge of selected music software, is necessary. For new producers and aspiring DJs, QuNeo serves as a gateway for learning the music programs.

QuNeo works with most popular music software, both free and paid programs, providing out of the box functionality. Compatible free software includes: QuNeo Editor, MIXXX and Automat. Compatible paid programs include: Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Traktor, Seratto, Battery, BeatMaker for iPad, and Korg iMS-20 for iPad.

QuNeo is PC, Mac and iPad compatible, and works with USB, MIDI or OSC.

To facilitate a deeper command of the product’s unique performance capabilities, KMI and Abelton provide free QuNeo clinics throughout the US. More information can be found here:

Pricing & Availability
QuNeo is available for a street price of $199 and retails for $249.95. A list of online and brick and mortar retailers can be accessed here:

About KMI
Founded in 2005, Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) invents new products for today’s musicians and DJs. KMI is known for product innovation, extreme expressiveness, portability, and superior aesthetics. The company makes the critically-acclaimed QuNeo, a new, visually stunning iPad-sized multi-touch DJ controller that replaces three pieces of music equipment and boasts a street price of just $199. KMI is headed by serial entrepreneur Keith McMillen, a technology and music visionary who led his software company, Octiv, to a successful acquisition by Plantronics (PLT). A respected and prolific inventor, McMillen’s track-record includes: the first programmable audio mixer (Akai MPX820), the gold standard for electric stringed instruments (Zeta Violin), and the world’s first Bluetooth sensor bow (K-Bow). Rounding out the KMI product line is: SoftStep, 12 Step, StringPort and Batt-O-Meter. The company is based in Berkeley, California, and is privately-held.