BERKELEY, California – April 14, 2011 – KMI today announced KeyWorx, a software application for Mac or PC, is now bundled with SoftStep, the worlds first Multi-Touch foot controller. KeyWorx can select programs, control the cursor, mouse clicks and send out keystrokes, increasing efficiency and reducing RSI (repetitive stress injuries).

Using SoftStep in conjunction with the KeyWorx software allows users to setup commands for each of its 11 Multi-Touch key surfaces. KeyWorx can bring a browser forward, launch email programs, zoom in and out (from a single key), control volume, scroll through folders, open documents, and output complex key commands all from simple foot movements.

SoftStep works alongside keyboards, mice, and other interface devices. It is USB powered and has a four character alphanumeric display. Repetitive tasks can be assigned to any key and cursor/click control allows you to keep your hands comfortably on the keyboard. KeyWorx runs on Mac or Windows and can remember up to 100 sets of commands, allowing customization of SoftStep for all of your applications.

Originally designed for musicians and recording studios, SoftStep with KeyWorx is now a valuable tool for anyone, including video editors, graphic designers, data entry professionals, software programmers, and computer gamers seeking a new, more powerful and productive means of communication with their computer. KeyWorx software includes preset templates for World of Warcraft, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

SoftStep is made with advanced elastomeric and graphite composites, providing a super rugged yet lightweight design. Weighing just over one pound, it is small enough to fit in a briefcase or backpack. A modern looking blue backlight lets you see key locations even under a darkened desk.

SoftStep with KeyWorx retails for $289.00 USD and is available from many online retailers including Amazon.

About Keith McMillen Instruments
We are a private company based in Berkeley, CA that develops innovative hardware and software technology that connects and controls computer applications in the music, gaming, video and ergonomic industries.