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Most MIDI 1.0 controllers are limited to note on/off, velocity, and three global expressions – pitch bend, modulation wheel, and aftertouch. Some advanced controllers have used polyphonic aftertouch to provide one additional dimension of per-note expression.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is a recent update to the MIDI 1.0 protocol that allows per-note control of pitch bend, modulation wheel, and aftertouch.

KMI makes several MPE and Polyphonic Aftertouch capable controllers that utilize some or all of these forms of expression.

KMI MPE and PolyAT Controllers

  • K-Board Pro 4 is a dual zone MPE controller. Every key of the silicone keyboard sends velocity, pitch bend, modulation wheel, aftertouch, and release velocity. For synths that only support Polyphonic Aftertouch, the K-Board Pro 4 can map the key slide/Y axis (cat claws) to PolyAT to create an "MPE like" experience.

MPE Compatible Hardware

MPE Eurorack

Polyphonic Aftertouch Hardware

Alesis Fusion
Alesis Ion
Alesis Micron
Alesis Q
Alesis QuadraSynth
Alesis S4
Alesis Andromeda
Arturia Origin
Casio CZ-1
Casio CZ-5000
E-MU Emax
E-MU UltraProteus
Edirol PCR-800
Elka MK-88
E-Mu Morpheus
Ensoniq ASR-10
Ensoniq EPS
Ensoniq Fizmo
Ensoniq KT-76
Ensoniq SD-1
Ensoniq SQ-80
Ensoniq TS-10
Ensoniq TS-12
Ensoniq VFX
Fender Rhodes Chroma
Fender Rhodes Polaris
General Music/GEM S Workstations
Infinite Response Vax77
Kawai Kawai K5000
Korg DW-8000
Korg Kronos
Korg Wavestation Korg Wavestate
Kurzwil GX1000
Kurzwil HX1000
Kurzwil K1000
Kurzwil K1200
Kurzwil K150
Kurzwil K2000
Kurzwil Mark Pro One
Kurzwil Mark Pro Two
Kurzwil Midiboard
Kurzwil PX1000
Kurzwil PX1000+
Kurzwil SX1000
Mellotron M4000-D
Mutable Instruments Ambika
Roland Alpha Juno 1
Roland MKS-50
Roland A50
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Roland D-70
Roland HPD-10
Roland HPD-15
Roland JD-XA
Roland Juno DS
Roland JV-1010
Roland JV-1080
Roland JV-2080
Roland SoundCanvas SC-55
Roland U220
Sequential Prophet 12
Sequential Poly Evolver
Sequential Prophet X
Sequential Prophet 8 / REV2
Sequential Prophet 5 / 10
Waldorf Iridium / Quantum
Waldorf Blofeld
Yamaha CS-80
Yamaha DX7
Yamaha TX81Z
Yamaha DX1
Yamaha EX-5(r)
Yamaha TG500
Yamaha TQ5

MPE Compatible DAWs

MPE Compatible Software Synths