StringPort 2 is the first guitar synth and MIDI controller providing guitarists total control over synthesis and effects without compromising performance or expression.

FAST fret scanning technology and spectral analysis using the Acoustic Instrument Message (AIM) protocol deliver amazingly low latency while preserving the expression and physicality of playing guitar.

stringport-2Built into a traditional guitar with a slender PCB in the neck, StringPort 2 constantly scans the fretboard to tell which notes you are about to play. All fret hand movement is sensed and sent to our patented SP_Analysis software that outputs notes just 5 milliseconds after play.

The AIM protocol utilizes the language of scientific acoustics giving you control over pitch, amplitude, brightness, harmonic content, and pick noise. This data is instantly and continuously sent over the AIM Frame, a tight 128-bit note descriptor transported over MIDI, to capture the timbre of your playing and convert it to synthesis commands.