QuNexus CC to Note

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QuNexus CC to Note is a MaxForLive MIDI effect designed to be used when using the QuNexus as a CV to MIDI converter, but it can also be used for any application where CC values need to be converted into MIDI notes within the Pitch-CV / Gate-CV paradigm. This should be considered an experimental device… Read more »

QuNexus NexStep

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The NexStep is step sequencer designed for tight integration with the KMI QuNexus and Ableton Live. It consists of a remote script and a M4L device, and can be used with factory preset D. It can also be used standalone without the script. It provides you with 8 sequences, with independent pitch, velocity and note… Read more »

KMI Bitwig Scripts

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This will serve as a collection of scripts integrating KMI hardware with Bitwig Studio. Currently the repository includes scripts for QuNeo, QuNexus, SoftStep and 12 Step. The QuNexus script provides simple note input, and has not been developed past the point of a simple example script. The QuNeo script allows for much more refined control… Read more »

QuNexus Chord Builder

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The QuNexus Chord Builder is a Max for Live device for mapping extra notes to any key on the keyboard. Each key can have a different chord built on it with any number of notes. Chords can be made to sound low and warm by emphasizing the low notes, or you can create harmonics to… Read more »

QuNexus Channel Rotation Ableton Live Set

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QuNexus employs the use of a useful feature called Channel Rotation. This feature is enabled on QuNexus Factory Preset C. What is Channel Rotation? Channel Rotation causes the order of keys pressed at one time to rotate through channels. For example, the first pressed key’s MIDI data goes out Channel 1, the second pressed key’s… Read more »

QuNexus Lights

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This script/M4L device combo will light up your entire QuNexus when used with Ableton Live. I’ve gotten some requests for this functionality before, so I thought I’d package up a solution. Installation instructions included in the .zip

QuNexus Scales Mode

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QuNexus Scales Mode uses two Max for Live devices to enable easy playing within a user specified scale and key. The devices light up specific keys on the QuNexus for the given scale to indicate which keys should be pressed without effecting QuNexus’ MIDI and control voltage output. Scales mode is also available as a… Read more »

QuNexus Monomachine Control

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This is a group of QuNexus presets which allows you to use polyphonic pressure and tilt to modulate Elektron Monomachine parameters normally controlled by the joystick on the discontinued Monomachine SFX-6 (the limited run of Monomachines made with an attached keyboard). QuNexus will let you control these joystick parameters without taking your fingers off the… Read more »