QuNeo Battery Template

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This template will turn the QuNeo into a sampler with loops on the left 8 pads and both rotaries and quick drum hit samples on the right 8 pads. The sliders provide additional control and effects.

QuNeo Ableton Live Control

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This script provides “red box” functionality, step sequencing, dynamic pad drumming, and all transport and mixer controls. Everything is available right out of the box, with no Max For Live or third party software needed. Live and QuNeo communicate directly, with LED feedback happening in real time, allowing you to see what is going on… Read more »

QuNeo Djay Mapping

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Our djay template consists of a MIDI mapping preset for Algoriddim’s djay software. The MIDI mapping preset works in conjunction with Presets 1 and 2 of the QuNeo Factory Presets. The preset is designed to be easy to learn and use for beginner DJs.

QuNeo Serato Integration

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Our Serato Scratch Live template consists of an XML Preset file. The Remote Control Surface map goes with QuNeo’s factory preset number 1-3. This turns QuNeo into a remote control for Serato. To use the QuNeo Serato Preset you must have a version of Scratch Live (Serato). Go to http://serato.com/scratchlive to purchase or learn more… Read more »

SoftStep Scenes for Kemper Profiling Amp

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A collection of four scenes for controlling the Kemper Profiling Amplifier with the SoftStep! Features scenes for Browse mode, Performance mode, and Stomp and Effects sections. Import these scenes to your SoftStep scene library and you’ll be up and running with minimal setup!

QuNexus Scales Mode

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QuNexus Scales Mode uses two Max for Live devices to enable easy playing within a user specified scale and key. The devices light up specific keys on the QuNexus for the given scale to indicate which keys should be pressed without effecting QuNexus’ MIDI and control voltage output. Scales mode is also available as a… Read more »

QuNeo Demo Lab

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QuNeo Demo Lab is like speed-dating the QuNeo’s massive feature set– it’s an efficient and fun way to get acquainted and we highly recommend it! First you’ll need to import the attached preset and download it as Preset 1 to your QuNeo (this will be the default preset packaged into future updates). Then start up… Read more »

QuNeOSC Bridge

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The QuNeOSC Bridge provides access to the QuNeo’s data via OSC addresses. In addition to translating data from the QuNeo into OSC messages, the QuNeOSC Bridge parses specific incoming OSC messages in order to control the QuNeo’s LEDs.

QuNeo Step Sequencer

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QuNeo Step Sequencer utilizes a suite of Max for Live devices to modify the behavior of QuNeo’s Factory Preset number 5. Step Sequencer provides a layout that allows a user to record into, edit, and play back from a grid style sequence. The step sequencer also included a note repeat mode, which enables repetitions of… Read more »