12 Step Note Sender

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This M4L MIDI device lights up the red LEDs on the 12 step according to a MIDI source from Live.  This can be used to see the notes in chords playing from a MIDI track in Live, or to mimic what you are playing on a MIDI keyboard.

Session Scene Launcher

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Use this device to control the Session View of a Control Script from another MIDI controller. Originally designed with foot controllers in mind. Place this on an empty MIDI track, and then select the control surface you wish to interact with (if you have a controller that doesn’t appear there let me know and I’ll… Read more »

KMI Bitwig Scripts

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This will serve as a collection of scripts integrating KMI hardware with Bitwig Studio. Currently the repository includes scripts for QuNeo, QuNexus, SoftStep and 12 Step. The QuNexus script provides simple note input, and has not been developed past the point of a simple example script. The QuNeo script allows for much more refined control… Read more »