BopPad Zones for M4L

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BopPad Zones for M4L is the M4L port of the standalone application that allows the BopPad to send multiple notes per quadrant based on location in Abletone Live 9 and 10.

K-Mix API, Part 2 – Controlling K-Mix with Leap Motion and the Web MIDI API

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If you’ve ever fantasized about mixing with your hands similar to how you control a Theremin or in the movie Minority Report, your dreams are now closer to reality! With the latest K-Mix update, which enables sending MIDI message to fully control K-Mix, combined with the the K-Mix API and the incredible Leap Motion controller,… Read more »

QuNexus CC to Note

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QuNexus CC to Note is a MaxForLive MIDI effect designed to be used when using the QuNexus as a CV to MIDI converter, but it can also be used for any application where CC values need to be converted into MIDI notes within the Pitch-CV / Gate-CV paradigm. This should be considered an experimental device… Read more »

Mutable Instruments Shruthi Control QuNeo Preset

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Shruthi Control is a QuNeo preset built to control the Mutable Instruments Shruthi. It is also compatible with the TubeOhm Phoenix Synthesizer and the Laurentide SynthWorks Monosynth Formerly Known As Shruthi – both Shruthi clones. Provided in the Shruthi_Control folder is a custom QuNeo preset named Shruthi_Control.quneopreset. You can load this preset on the QuNeo to… Read more »

12 Step Note Sender

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This M4L MIDI device lights up the red LEDs on the 12 step according to a MIDI source from Live.  This can be used to see the notes in chords playing from a MIDI track in Live, or to mimic what you are playing on a MIDI keyboard.

FLUX:FX SoftStep Preset

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This preset is created for SoftStep’s “standalone” mode, so it does not require a computer connection. Each FLUX:FX bank has 6 Performance presets for recall. A Performance includes all effect and sequencer settings, as well as XY assignments and modulation routings. These are recalled in our SoftStep preset by keys 1-3 (Performances 1-3), and just… Read more »

Elektron Rytm Control QuNeo Preset

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You can now tweak FX tracks, trigger the sounds in your kit, and play chromatically on your Electron Analog Rytm Drum Computer with the Rytm Control QuNeo Preset. Provided in the QuNeo_Rytm_Control folder is a custom QuNeo preset named Qu- Neo_Rytm_Control.quneopreset. You can load this preset on the QuNeo to get additional added control of… Read more »

Session Scene Launcher

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Use this device to control the Session View of a Control Script from another MIDI controller. Originally designed with foot controllers in mind. Place this on an empty MIDI track, and then select the control surface you wish to interact with (if you have a controller that doesn’t appear there let me know and I’ll… Read more »

Softstep Single Clip

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This is an Ableton Live Control Script and a Softstep preset that allows you to navigate a Live session with a single clip in focus. Useful for recording Audio/MIDI loops into the session view. Simply drop the script into your MIDI Remote scripts folder, import the preset, and you’re good to go. Controls: Key 0… Read more »