K-Mix API, Part 2 – Controlling K-Mix with Leap Motion and the Web MIDI API

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If you’ve ever fantasized about mixing with your hands similar to how you control a Theremin or in the movie Minority Report, your dreams are now closer to reality! With the latest K-Mix update, which enables sending MIDI message to fully control K-Mix, combined with the the K-Mix API and the incredible Leap Motion controller,… Read more »

K-Mix API, Part 1 – Web MIDI Control Surface

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K-Mix is one of the most powerful audio mixers available. One of K-Mix’s most powerful features is its ability to be programmed and controlled from any DAW. With the power of Web MIDI in your browser and the K-Mix API, K-Mix becomes the first audio mixer that’s fully controllable with JavaScript. In Part 1, I’ll go… Read more »


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Audio Interface USB Bus Powered Ultra-Low Noise µPre™ Preamps High-End AKM Converters 32-bit Floating Point Signal Path 8-in/10-out Audio Programmable Mixer Per Channel DSP Flexible Routing Standalone Quad 5.1, 7.1 and Octo Surround Mixer Onboard Preset Storage No Computer Required Control Surface Ultra-Sensitive Precision Rotaries and Faders User Assignable MIDI Controls Light Weight and Portable… Read more »