Analog Rytm: Programming With Polymeter

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The Analog Rytm is still Elektron’s new kid on the block. With eight analog voices, each with an oscillator section, multimode filter, and overdrive circuit, it’s a club music powerhouse that’s quickly become adopted by big named artists such as Aphex Twin, Plaid and John Tejada. One of the useful features of the Rytm is… Read more »

Controller Scripting in Bitwig Studio, Part 1

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When I first heard about Bitwig Studio years ago, there was one feature that really caught my eye. In promotions for the software they always mentioned that they would have an ‘Open Controller Scripting API’. Coming from an environment like Ableton Live, which has an undocumented and ‘closed’ API, this was hugely exciting. In this… Read more »

Sequencing the SEM: MIDI to CV Conversion

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The best way to unlock the hidden potential of any semi-modular synthesizer is by sequencing. This post will describe the necessary steps to use the QuNexus as a MIDI-to-CV converter along with Ableton Live to control the legendary Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module.

Simple Synthesis, Part 1

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You may have seen them on stage or on the internet, modular synthesizers look like a missing panel from a WWII era submarine and are operated by manipulating a grid of knobs through a web of patch cables. They are creators and manipulators of sound that are arranged as a set of modules where each… Read more »