Controlling the Controllers: A Primer on Using Max 4 Live to Repurpose Controllers, Part 1

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The world of controllers has evolved quite rapidly since I started using computers for music back in 2009. The choices are almost endless, and you can get your hands on almost any configuration of knobs, buttons, sliders, and even touch screens. Along with these controllers, integration options have evolved right along side. There are complex… Read more »

Thinking in Parallel: Multi-Band Processing in Live

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In the previous articles we discussed how to setup effects racks using parallel chains to process incoming audio in different ways. Hopefully those discussions proved useful and were able to help you generate some new ideas, but we can take it a step further. What if wanted to process different parts of the audio differently?… Read more »

Interview with Robbie Barr (Childish Gambino, Passion Pit, Ryn Weaver)

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Go to a big show, any show, and you’ll find a flurry of action in the wings, backstage and behind the scenes.  Key players and professionals who’s mastery of their craft ensures that, come hell or high water, the show goes on.  These are the technical wizards, lighting ninjas and superstar audio engineers who make the production a PRODUCTION. We recently interviewed… Read more »