Simple Synthesis, Part 1

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You may have seen them on stage or on the internet, modular synthesizers look like a missing panel from a WWII era submarine and are operated by manipulating a grid of knobs through a web of patch cables. They are creators and manipulators of sound that are arranged as a set of modules where each… Read more »

Controlling the Controllers: Communicating With and Controlling Live Scripts, Part 2

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In the previous installment we discussed locating and gathering information about loaded Control Surface scripts using M4l and the Live API. In this installment we will look at applying our session control to any Control Surface that has a SessionComponent. This will involve some iterations and checks, things which aren’t the cleanest in Max, but they… Read more »

Matt’s Monthly Eurorack Dig: MFB SEQ-02

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Every month, I’m going to pick a Eurorack Module I’m particularly excited by and attempt to share a few good reasons why I like it! Last month, I picked Noise Engineering’s fantastic little VCA & AR Envelope, Sinclastic Empulatrix. This month, I’m going to pick something I often use to trigger my SE: MFB’s SEQ-02… Read more »