Krazy Baldhead Picks 10 Albums

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Pierre-Antoine Grison, aka Krazy Baldhead, is a French electronic music artist on Ed Banger records. We asked Pierre for a list of 10 albums that really inspired him musically and he came back at us with this excellent- and diverse- list of jazz, hip-hop, electronic and classical music.

Interview with Trey Gunn (King Crimson)

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A native Texan who now resides in Seattle, Trey Gunn is known mostly for the unusual touch guitar that he plays. With this instrument under his fingers he has participated in a constant stream of cutting edges projects from King Crimson to TOOL. We caught up with Trey to talk about his current musical projects, his… Read more »

Making Music in the Browser: Web Audio/MIDI – VCO/VCA

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Emmett Corman has a great introductory series on the basics of synthesis (using modular synths), called Simple Synthesis. I thought it would be of value to those without access to the hardware to be able to explore and interact with the concepts that Emmett covers directly in the browser, using the Web MIDI and Web Audio… Read more »

Interview with Casey Foubert (Sufjan Stevens)

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Casey Foubert is a multi-instrumentalist and engineer currently recording and touring with Sufjan Stevens. We caught up with Casey to talk a bit about the recording and rehearsal process of Sufjan’s Carrie and Lowell and what he’s been listening to lately.

Interview with Steve Lawson

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Steve Lawson is, among many other things, a bassist and blogger based in the UK. I recently read a piece he wrote called The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Tiny – Why Small Is The New Big (which I highly recommend checking out) and had a couple of questions for him about navigating the modern musical world and… Read more »

Controller Scripting in Bitwig Studio, Part 6

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In the last article we managed to bundle a bunch of transport related code into one function and import that function into our script. This is great for encapsulating code, but we are overlooking one of the biggest boons of javascript: the ability to create objects. Everything in javascript is an object. Functions, variables, arrays, everything…. Read more »

Interview with Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister)

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Eddie Ojeda is the lead guitarist in arguably the hardest working, hardest rocking band of all time: Twisted Sister. 40 years at the mast of an outfit like that imbues one with a particular brand of wisdom and panache, and Eddie was gracious enough to answer some questions about the band, his rig, his mobster sobriquet… Read more »

Making Music in the Browser – Web Audio API, Part 1

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Simply put, the Web Audio API is awesome and powerful! It makes it possible to synthesize, manipulate, spatialize, and visualize any sound, limited only by your imagination and processing power. The ubiquity of the web browser allows for an unprecedented environment to compose, instantly share your music, and collaborate with the world. The Web Audio… Read more »