K-Mix Quick Start Tutorials

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Did you know the K-Mix functions as an audio interface with two µPre microphone preamps, as a standalone programmable digital mixer with onboard DSP and surround panning, and as a MIDI control surface to send control change messages to your DAW? And that it can do all of these functions at the same time? We’ve… Read more »

Basic DSP with Max and Gen~ Pt 2: Buffer Operations

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In the previous article we started by setting up a few systems for synchronization and quantization in Max. In this article we will begin putting that work to use when we start recording and playing back audio using some basic DSP buffer operations. We will implement this playback and recording system in gen~ using max-like… Read more »

Manipulating MIDI with Pure Data

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Working in technical support for KMI, I am often confronted with requests for functionality from some of our devices that we didn’t include for one reason or another. There’s a variety of tools that you can use for this task, such as Max, Bome’s MIDI translator or Pure Data. All of these software environments can… Read more »

NAMM 2016 Recap

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So we’re back from NAMM 2016 and wanted to give everybody a quick recap of the event. We met with many enthusiastic and inquisitive customers, buyers, artists and media, and shared in all of the great ideas flying around the convention center for those four crazy days.

Making Music in the Browser: Web Audio/MIDI – Amplitude Modulation

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Amplitude Modulation is a simple concept that can yield harmonically rich and bizarre timbres not easily achieved via other methods. In this article we’ll expand on the topics introduced in Simple Synthesis – Amplitude Modulation and play around with the concepts behind AM Synthesis. Modulation sources do not need to be low-frequency oscillators or envelope… Read more »

Matthew Dear Picks 10 Albums

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Matthew Dear: “When tasked to list their 10 favorite albums one asks themselves, ‘Where do I even begin?’ These are the albums I find myself returning to most. Whether I’m at home, on a plane, in a hotel room late at night, or sharing some music with a friend, these are the ones that have… Read more »

Got a Girl at Great American Music Hall San Francisco

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Got a Girl is the musical duo of singer (and actress) Mary Elizabeth Winstead and super producer Dan the Automator. Their debut studio album, I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now, was released last year. The album draws heavily from 60s French pop and marries it deftly with Dan’s signature Handsome Boy… Read more »

Looping in Live with SoftStep: LED Feedback

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In the previous two articles, we approached looping in Live in two different ways. Both have their advantages, and each offers a distinct workflow. One thing they both lack, however, is some sort of LED feedback so that we can tell what’s going on in Live by looking at our SoftStep. In this article we will look at… Read more »