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We are exited to announce special discounts on GeoSWAM Instrument Bundles for all K-Board, QuNexus and K-Board Pro 4 users!

GeoSWAM for GeoShred is a cost effective way to access expressive, physically modeled MPE instruments powered by SWAM Technology. Keith McMillen Instruments has partnered with MoForte, makers of GeoShred, to offer discounted software bundles to users of K-Board-C, QuNexus and K-Board Pro 4.

GeoSWAM Collection I includes 6 beautifully inspired physically modeled instruments including: GeoCello, GeoViolin, GeoFlute, GeoTenorSax, GeoClarinet and GeoOboe. GeoSWAM Collection I & II adds GeoViola, GeoPizzBass, GeoBassFlute, GeoTrumpet and GeoBassTrombone for a total of 11 instruments.

If you don’t own already own GeoShred, here are three great discounted bundles with everything you need:

  • GeoShred Control+Pro + GeoSWAM Collection I & II, 24% off $109.99 USD.
  • GeoShred Control+Pro + GeoSWAM Collection I, 24% off $64.99 USD.
  • GeoShred Control+Pro, 20% off $19.99 USD.

    If you already own GeoShred Pro or Play, here are discounted bundles:

    • GeoSWAM Collection I & II, 21% off $94.99 USD.
    • GeoSWAM Collection I, 20% off $47.99 USD.

    To claim your discount code, visit our user portal and register your QuNexus, K-Board, or K-Board Pro 4 at

    Offer Good Nov 15, 2022 – Nov 15, 2023
    Learn more about GeoShred at