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K-Mix is a handy audio multi-tool to have around; its combined feature set makes it a flexible and adaptive piece of gear to have around the studio. With the release of the BopPad we’ve been thinking a lot about drums and ways to integrate more KMI gear into drum rigs. One of the most exciting examples we’ve come up with takes advantage of the special µPre mic preamps we’ve developed for K-Mix. The line channels on K-Mix benefit from the same preamp architecture as the mic inputs, which allows dynamic microphones to be routed into the line inputs.

The mic level inputs go from -20 to 40 dB, and line inputs 3-8 share the same preamp architecture as the mic inputs with 40 dB of additional gain from 0 to 60 dB. This means that you can take your dynamic microphone, plug it into the balanced input of any of the line level channels, and boost the volume up to mic level.

To demonstrate the flexibility and quality of the K-Mix inputs, we set up a Pearl Midtown kit with Zildjian cymbals and Keplinger shakers and ching ring. We plugged a pair of Shure SM81 condenser mics into K-Mix channels 1 &2 with phantom power for left and right overheads. 3 Shure SM57 mics were used, one on the snare, one on the floor tom, and one on the hi-hat. These were plugged into K-Mix line inputs 3, 4 and 5. A Shure Beta 52A was put on the kick drum and plugged into line input 6. We also miked the room left and right with 2 SM57s. Each of the dynamic mics was plugged into the K-Mix with an XLR to TRS cable. We set up a pair of BopPads on mounts and used them to trigger samples in Ableton Live, which were recorded on tracks right alongside the acoustic drums.

As you can see from the video, getting professional sounding drum recordings is a breeze with a K-Mix; it’s just one more reason why having the K-Mix in your studio is a no-brainer. Are you integrating K-Mix into your recording set up in a unique or interesting way? If so, send a photo/video and uncompressed audio recording to for potential future publishing here on our blog.