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Pierre-Antoine Grison, aka Krazy Baldhead, is a French electronic music artist on Ed Banger records. We asked Pierre for a list of 10 albums that really inspired him musically and he came back at us with this excellent- and diverse- list of jazz, hip-hop, electronic and classical music.


Miles Davis, Water Babies

It’s hard to pick up a single album by Miles Davis, so I choose this one which is somewhere between the 2nd quintet and In A Silent Way– 2 of my favorite periods.



Marvin Gaye, Here My Dear

This album is all about opposites : love/hate, tension/release, heavy/light. It really touches me.



Bill Evans Trio, Sunday at The Village Vanguard

This is pure beauty. Bill Evans knows how to make his piano sing like no one. And the interplay with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian is second to none.



James Blake, Overgrown, Dorian Concept, Joined Hands, SBTRKT, Wonder Where We Land

Ok, these are 3 albums. But to me these 3 artists go in the same direction, bringing something fresh to electronic music and taking it out of the club. I’d really like to see them collaborating, that’s why I put them together. Call it a fantasized album.



Prefuse 73, One Word Extinguisher

He’s one of the guys that made me think “ok, electronic music is not only about 4 on the floor, there’s hope.



A Tribe Called Quest, Midnight Marauders

My all time favorite hip-hop album. I can’t believe this was released 20 years ago. Still so fresh and deep.



Outkast / Andre3000, The Love Below

A lesson in how to turn commercial music into experimental stuff into international hits.



Gong, Flying Teapot

Some psychedelic epicness from the 70s. Always a good listen when things are getting too serious.



Thundercat, Apocalypse

I don’t listen a lot to recent stuff, and I’m always a bit late. I find Brainfeeder’s releases interesting, so I chose this one.



Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Sheherazade

A bit of classical to end up. This brings me back to music school. I’ve loved this piece since I was a teenager and it was a guideline for my first album, The B Suite.