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Introducing the Rytm Control QuNeo Preset. You can now tweak FX tracks, trigger the sounds in your kit, and play chromatically on your Electron Analog Rytm Drum Computer with the Rytm Control QuNeo Preset.

To download all the materials for this project, visit the KMI Projects Page.

The first thing you’ll need to do after downloading the preset and sending the preset to a slot on your QuNeo, is make the MIDI connection from the QuNeo to the Analog Rytm. There are few ways to do this. If you won’t be using a computer then the most direct way is use a KMI MIDI Expander to send the MIDI out of the QuNeo through a 5-Pin MIDI cable that can plug directly into the Analog Rytm. If you don’t have a MIDI Expander then you can still make the MIDI connection by plugging both the QuNeo and the Analog Rytm into a computer via USB cables. Now if you open a DAW like Logic or Ableton Live you can open a MIDI track that routes the MIDI data from QuNeo the MIDI Analog Rytm’s MIDI port.

One more step you need to take involves taking a trip to your Analog Rytm MIDI Channel settings page. You need to make sure you have the default MIDI track routing values for Track FX and Auto Channel for this preset to work properly. The default values are MIDI channel 13 for Track FX, and MIDI channel 14 for Auto Channel.

Once that’s finished you can begin manipulating the QuNeo’s pads and sliders to control predefined parameters on the Analog Rytm. The general behavior is that the horizontal sliders control reverb FX parameters, the vertical sliders control delay FX parameters, the rotaries control the compressor, the long slider affects the distortion amount, and the drum pads output notes. The bottom right up and down arrows will transpose the notes output by the pads. At the lowest bank each of the lowest 12 pads will trigger each corresponding sound on the 12 Rytm tracks. This is ideal for playing your drum sounds like a drum kit. It does not matter which track is selected for the lowest 12 notes. At higher banks the pads will trigger notes chromatically on the currently selected track.

Check out the picture for a more detailed list of all the adjustable parameters: