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Shruthi Control is a QuNeo preset built to control the Mutable Instruments Shruthi. It is also compatible with the TubeOhm Phoenix Synthesizer and the Laurentide SynthWorks Monosynth Formerly Known As Shruthi – both Shruthi clones.

To download all the materials for this project, visit the KMI Projects Page.

To install, import the the Shruthi Control preset into one of your QuNeo’s preset slots and hit Save Preset then Update Preset. Remember which preset slot you saved your preset to. When you hit Update Preset the corresponding pad will light up on your QuNeo.

To use, navigate to the correct preset slot on your QuNeo and connect a MIDI cable from your computer or the KMI MIDI Expander into your Shruthi’s MIDI input jack. Make sure your Shruthi is receiving on MIDI channel 1.

QuNeo’s horizontal faders have four banks which can control the Shruthi’s oscillator, mixer, and tuning pages.
The four banks of QuNeo’s vertical faders can control the Shruthi’s envelopes and LFOs.
Two banks of the rotaries control the filter settings.
The long slider sets the octave offset.
The three transport buttons are set to toggle between the three sequencer modes.
The pads send notes and pressure on a pad will send values to the Shruthi’s modulation matrix source called “cc A”.

Horizontal Sliders Bank 1: OSC 1

Oscillator 1 shape0-3420
Oscillator 1 parameter0-12721
Oscillator 1 range-24-2422
Sub oscillator/transient generator shape0-1023


Horizontal Sliders Bank 2: OSC 2

Oscillator 2 shape0-3424
Oscillator 2 parameter0-12725
Oscillator 2 range-24-2426
Oscillator 2 detune0-12727


Horizontal Sliders Bank 3: Mixer

Modulation operator0-1328
Oscillator balance0-6329
Sub oscillator volume0-6330
Noise volume0-6331


Horizontal Sliders Bank 4: Tuning

Octave Transposition0-1182
Scale / Raga0-3283


Rotaries Bank 1: Filter A

Filter cutoff0-12714, 74
Filter Resonance0-6315, 71


Rotaries Bank 2: Filter B

Envelope -> cutoff modulation amount0-63102
LFO -> cutoff modulation amount0-63103


Vertical Sliders Bank 1: Envelope 1

Envelope 1 attack0-127104
Envelope 1 decay0-127105
Envelope 1 sustain0-127106
Envelope 1 release0-127107


Vertical Sliders Bank 2: Envelope 2

Envelope 1 attack0-127108, 73
Envelope 1 decay0-127109
Envelope 1 sustain0-127110
Envelope 1 release0-127111


Vertical Sliders Bank 3: LFO 1

LFO 1 waveform0-20112
LFO 1 rate0-143113
LFO 1 rise time0-127114
LFO 1 master/slave0-3115


Vertical Sliders Bank 4: LFO 2

LFO 2 waveform0-20116
LFO 2 rate0-143117
LFO 2 rise time0-127118
LFO 2 master/slave0-3119


Long Slider: Filter Cutoff

Octave transposition0-1182