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Did you know the K-Mix functions as an audio interface with two µPre microphone preamps, as a standalone programmable digital mixer with onboard DSP and surround panning, and as a MIDI control surface to send control change messages to your DAW? And that it can do all of these functions at the same time? We’ve made a few “Quick Start” style tutorial videos to show how you can quickly and easily set up your K-Mix to work as an audio interface, mixer or MIDI controller.

In this first video we show the K-Mix being set up to work as an audio interface. We look at plugging speakers and a microphone into the K-Mix and setting it as the audio device in your computer. K-Mix is a class compliant device, so no driver is needed.


This next quick start tutorial video shows how to use K-Mix as a standalone programmable digital mixer. We look at plugging in microphones and line level instruments, at setting the trim and levels for the different channels and master fader, and panning a stereo audio source. This video also shows how to turn on and off +48v of phantom power. Pretty impressive that we can power 2 preamps with 48v of phantom power and incredibly low noise from a 5v USB supply, right?


The last of this first series of quick start tutorial videos shows off the K-Mix as a MIDI control surface. Each of the buttons, sliders and rotary controls can be assigned not 1 but 3 different continuous controller values by utilizing 3 different banks. As with the audio, the K-Mix uses class compliant MIDI, so again no drivers are required.


We’re excited to have K-Mix coming out and even more excited to explain to everyone the full extent of its power and functionality. We will be coming out with more K-Mix video content soon. We hope you enjoy K-Mix as much as we do, it’s an excellent multitool to have on stage, in the studio, or anywhere along the road between the two. Thanks!