In the previous article we started by setting up a few systems for synchronization and quantization in Max. In this article we will begin putting that work to use when we start recording and playing back audio using some basic DSP buffer operations. We will implement this playback and recording system in gen~ using max-like… Read more »

Working in technical support for KMI, I am often confronted with requests for functionality from some of our devices that we didn’t include for one reason or another. There’s a variety of tools that you can use for this task, such as Max, Bome’s MIDI translator or Pure Data. All of these software environments can… Read more »

This post wraps up my overview of my time at Ableton’s 2015 Loop Conference. The first two days were filled with great talks, inspiring workshops, and genre bending music. The last day promised much of the same, but with a bit more focus on Cycling 74’s multimedia programming environment Max 7 (and Max for Live… Read more »

As some of you may know, the weekend of Oct. 30th this year saw the first (maybe annual) Loop conference sponsored by Ableton. It was billed as a ‘Summit for Music Makers’, and throughout the weekend it definitely lived up to that. I was a little concerned that this weekend would be a little too… Read more »

In Emmett’s discussions on simple synthesis, he provided you with a lot of great building blocks for exploring analog synthesis. As my expertise lies more in the digital realm, I thought it might be worthwhile to discuss some synthesis techniques that are more traditionally done digitally. One of the more interesting techniques is called Granular Synthesis…. Read more »