StringPort is a hardware & software bundle for Mac that very carefully processes, converts and conveys to the computer the polyphonic audio from industry-standard hexaphonic pickups (Roland GK, Zeta, Graph Tech, Godin, RMC) through high speed USB2. We have written custom drivers with extremely low latencies and all our applications take full advantage of multi-threading and multiple cores. High resolution (24bit) converters and impeccable design provide greater than 92 dB SNR from analog in to analog out.

But what really makes StringPort the last string/synth/processor device you will ever need is the powerful suite of software for use with the StringPort Hardware. The suite is comprised of 24 applications, including fast and accurate Analysis (for converting every little nuance of your performance into control data), powerful Polyphonic FX Processing (Wave Guide, PolyFuzz, Phase Vocoder, SMACK), a versatile VST FX Wall (perfect for all those plug-ins you’ve been collecting), a side of Synthesis (Classic FM synthesis and direct support for the world-famous Synful Orchestra Synthesizer (discounted to $199 for StringPort users), a friendly and useful Notation application (to capture data for output to your favorite music notation software), and MIDI Out to integrate StringPort into your existing MIDI world.

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