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QuNeo is more than a pad controller, it is a deeply programmable precision musical control surface with integrated visual feedback.

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Smart Fabric

Complete gestural control. A Smart Fabric layer under each pad, slider, rotary and switch detects finger position, pressure and velocity in real time.

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Road Proof

QuNeo is durable by design and has been tested to survive spills, 2-story falls onto concrete, and being run over by a car! QuNeo has no moving parts.


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QuNeo was invented to fulfill the desires of serious musical artists. Taking the form of a durable and programmable midi pad controller, QuNeo can interpret any type of gesture on an array of input surfaces that provide instant visual feedback, obviating the need for a computer screen as a required element in performance.

QuNeo has a nod to history with its 4×4 pad array and familiar forms such as sliders, rotary sensors and buttons. But there is nothing like QuNeo. It senses pressure, position and velocity at the same moment using a layer of sensor-dense smart fabric embedded under every control surface. In the right hands, QuNeo has every element to be the instrument of a new generation.

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Dan The Automator

Dan The Automator uses QuNeo


Matt Black

Matt Black uses QuNeo


Richard Devine

Richard Devine uses QuNeo

QuNeo , QuNexus


Strangeloop uses QuNeo


Thavius Beck

Thavius Beck uses QuNeo


Dose One

Dose One uses QuNeo


I really like the idea of small powerful instruments, so I decided that the iPad format was totally acceptable as guide. The entire concept and layout was done on a 4th of July weekend in 2011. Getting it all to behave flawlessly took another year.

Keith McMillen

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