12 Step

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"Supreme Awesomeness! Keith did it exactly the way I'd hoped!"

- Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Niacin, Steve Vai, The Winery Dogs)


12 Step

The Road-Proof, Brilliantly Backlit Keyboard Controller for Your Feet.

12 Step is a road-proof, portable keyboard controller for your feet. Each key is brilliantly backlit, has multiple functions, and can sense foot tilt and pressure.


Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Niacin, The Winery Dogs) & 12 Step

We ran a cargo van over 12 Step. Twice.


12 Step is durable by design, constructed with a rubberized carbon-fiber housing, silicon keys and no moving parts.

12 Step is ready for the road with a build that you can trust to perform on stage after stage, night after night.


Artists Agree

12 Step has found a place at the feet of performers of all styles, from Billy Sheehan, Doug Wimbish and Trey Gunn to Vampire Weekend and St. Vincent.

We're proud to be working with such visionary artists.


Daniel Mintseris (St. Vincent) & 12 Step




12 Step represents the next generation of foot controllers, adding smart sensor fabric under every key.

12 Step's keys respond to the velocity, pressure and tilt of your foot, giving new dimensions of expression to your performance.


"12 Step is one of the most plug-and-play pieces of gear I’ve ever had."

- Daniel Mintseris (St. Vincent)



12 Step is a fraction of the size of other foot pedals and fits easily into your gig bag or back pack.

No moving parts means you'll never accidentally break off a knob or button.




Each of the 12 Step's keys can send up to five MIDI notes at once.

Perfect for triggering clips in Ableton Live, playing synth bass, swelling pads, organ stabs, or any other musical accents that fit your style.


12 Step Editor Software v2.0

12 Step Editor Software v2.0 is faster and easier to use than ever before.

The 12 Step Editor Software v2.0 was reprogrammed from the ground up, optimized for speed and ease of use, and given a snazzy new user interface.

Download 12 Step Editor Software v2.0


"I integrated 12 Step into my rig in about 2 minutes.
I had it on stage with me the very first night.
Kudos for this thing!"

- Trey Gunn (King Crimson)